About Me

Sipherdee has performed hundreds of nights and events in the last ten years and he knew he wanted to become a DJ at an early age.

His first event experience was at NAID'96 (North American International Demoparty) where he had the chance to play out his first vinyl record purchases. I was involved in the demoparty/tracking scene back then but only got back into Chiptune recently. Thanks to the people behind the Toy Company events in Montreal, QC, Canada who renewed my interest towards this.

Most of my experience comes from the rave scene, playing different styles ranging from Deep Tech House to the harder end of the electronic music spectrum. Atmospheric Drum & Bass is definitively what I played the most at events which relates to this new musical project I have with my Sipherdee alias. The majority of my past bookings are under the Cyre guise.

In 2002, I started the Syndroma Collective with the help of my best mates. We organized successful events like 'Thinner' and 'Thinner Again'. Each week, we were on air together sharing new musical discoveries for our "Interférence" radio show. This is where I am coming back because I want to share those countless hours of listening to minimal and atmospheric music.

In 2004, I began to promote my own Drum & Bass events in Quebec City with the help of Dez_One. I got residencies at Kashmir, Sònar and Fixion. We did a new radio show together called Datagramme, which had the mission to promote sounds of the UK including D&B.

In 2007, I moved to Montreal and did not get the chance to promote myself as a DJ until now. As today, I am involved into electronic music full time and more than ready to share my passion on dancefloors. My goal is to improve my production skills during the year 2010.

I consider myself to be a meloman so you can expect eclectic selections. Being in Montreal is really inspiring for me.